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Objectives and Goals

The laboratory “Applied Mathematics and Mathematical Modeling” has as its mission the implementation of actions for interdisciplinary research and its support in the fields of Applied and Computational Mathematics, Mathematical Modeling, Dynamic Systems, Informatics, System Engineering, Fluid Engineering and Physics. In this context, the mission of the laboratory is specialized in the following areas of action:

Lab goals

  1. To foster scientific research in interdisciplinary areas of Applied and Computational Mathematics and Computer Science targeted at laboratory members.
  2. To enhance and supplement the educational needs of the Department and other Departments of the University of the Aegean, at undergraduate and postgraduate level, in its subjects under study.
  3. The production and development of innovative groundbreaking interdisciplinary theory for its subjects under study through the synthesis and further specialization of already used theoretical & methodological approaches and research tools from the areas of Applied and Computational Mathematics and Science.
  4. The organization and support of postgraduate and doctoral theses in the subjects under study.
  5. The production of modern research and educational material in print and electronic form, such as the publication of scientific articles, university textbooks and notes, etc.
  6. The undertaking of research, training and development projects or studies by other bodies, public or private.
  7. The development of collaborations with other relevant laboratories, research centers and universities of Greece and abroad, with the aim of enhancing interdisciplinary research in the fields of his interest.
  8. The production of knowledge that can be transformed into services and products that can be utilized by public and private actors.
  9. Developing actions in synergy with the local communities where the University of the Aegean is based, with the aim of making the laboratory’s activities more widely used and promoted, and exploring the possibilities of co-ordinating joint research and educational activities.